Dear reader, my name is Wormwood, I am the author and artist of Foxford Comics.

This is a webcomic I run that may at times feature Foxford, a lovable cartoon fox and a host of other silly creatures. I like making funny jokes and drawing things.

We’re just having a little bit of silly fun, it’s called “we’re just going to have some silly fun” Why don’t you stick around and have some silly fun with me? We’re going to have a lot of fun, and I have such wonderful things to show you…

How can I support your work?

Like most transgressive artists of their time, this is difficult. The jokes and art that I produce make a lot of powerful men angry. It’s kind of difficult to make any money on this stuff, but I do have a Gumroad! you can check it out here. We periodically do exclusive merch give-aways for backers! as well as other exclusive rewards, so keep an eye out.

There’s also an NFT collection that is currently available here. Pieces that I’ve made which can be sold digitally for my own benefit. I’m working on other ways to accept support, and when things change I’ll update this page.

Who are you? Why are you doing this?

I am a centuries old racist cryptid. I cannot be stopped, I cannot be killed. I am fueled by my intense racism.